Outreach Ministries
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Name:Led By:
Christian Education Ministry
Counselors Ministry Sis. Susie Davis
Dance Ministry
Deacon Ministry Deacon Paul Allen, Jr.
Deaconess Ministry Deaconess Lorraine Pollard
EBC-ATOM, Inc. (A Total Outreach Ministry) Sister Ella Williams
Garden Ministry Sis. Sarah Morgan
Hospitality Ministry Sis. Yolanda Evans
Host and Hostess Ministry Sis. Ella Williams
Just for Men Pastor Thomas L. Walker
Media Ministry Kenneth Savage
Men's Christian Fellowship
Music Ministry Sis. Debra Allen
Pastor's Aide Ministry Deacon Paul Allen, Jr.
Photography Ministry Deacon Eugene Bailey
Pipen Ministry Deacon M. Roundtree
Prayer Ministry Rev. Elmer Edge
Public Relations
Tutorial Ministry Sis. Ella Battle
Ushers' Ministry Deacon Alton Parker
Volunteer Ministry
Women's Fellowship Sis. Lillian Culpepper
Young Adults
Youth Ministry Sis. Shonda Johnson
Youth Ushers Sis. Gladys Dickens