Brother to Brother
Thomas L. Walker, renowned author of the book Brother to Brother, You Don't Have to Die Of Prostate Cancer and prostate cancer survivor, is promoting a national program called "Save the Seed". His campaign encourages all men over 40 to get an annual prostate cancer examination. This includes a digital rectal exam and a PSA blood test.

In 1996, Walker found himself involved with a great challenge when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He immediately began to gather information from every possible source, both written and spoken. The facts were so alarming, he could not sit idly by and allow men to continue to suffer untimely deaths because of prostate cancer. This led him to write Brother to Brother - You Don't have to Die Of Prostate Cancer. Walker's book seeks to empower men and their families through education. It outlines the emotional trauma, the family's involvement and Walker's day-by-day experiences once he was diagnosed with prostate cancer until he was successfully treated with Brachytherapy.

Realizing there is a great fear in men about their quality of life following prostate cancer. Thomas L. Walker's story offers hope for men stricken with the disease. Because his cancer was identified early enough, he was able to be successfully treated using Brachytherapy, a 30-90 minute out-patient treatment. It is a process of receiving TheraSeed® which does not lead to the common side effects of surgery (impotence, incontinence, and its destructive impact on marriage and family life).

Thomas Walker's book encourages patients to be knowledgeable about their treatment options prior to making a decision. He has been the Pastor for the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina since 1970. For more information about the Brother to Brother program, call (252)446-2378 or toll free: 877-267-1311

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